How Smartphone Device Battery Boosters Work

iPhone Battery Booster

iPhone Smartphone Battery Booster

You love your smartphone (when it works) and so do we. It’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before hitting the sack. But it’s pretty much as useful as a paperweight when its battery dies on you. In comes the portable battery booster. In today’s post, I’ll explain how the smartphone battery booster works.


Your smartphone’s battery composition is called lithium-ion. Without getter super technical on you, I’ll give you a bit of detail about it just so you know a bit of how it works. The three primary functional components of a lithium-ion battery are the positive and negative electrodes and electrolyte. Generally, the negative electrode of a conventional lithium-ion cell is made from carbon. The positive electrode is a metal oxide, and the electrolyte is a lithium salt in an organic solvent. The electrochemical roles of the electrodes reverse between anode and cathode, depending on the direction of current flow through the cell.

In a nutshell, a lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a member of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging.

Over the lifetime of your smartphone, you will have charged it over 600 times. The average Li-ion battery’s top notch charging capacity degrades after about 300 charges. That’s why your frustration for the battery life gets bigger and bigger as time goes on.

On Purpose

Many clients complain to us about their battery life and think the smartphone manufacturers do it on purpose to make their batteries crap out on you so that you have to buy new ones. After having been in this industry for a long time, we know for a fact that the last thing Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and other companies want to have happen is build a new device with bad battery life.

Luckily for some Android owners, they can easily pop out their battery and replace it with another one. But that isn’t the case for iPhone owners and even some HTC device owners now. Carrying a spare battery does have its limitations though. It means that you can only use it in your smartphone. Well what happens if you bring your tablet with you? Or perhaps your smartwatch, iPod or even your friend’s device?

Smartphone Device Battery Boosters

Smartphone Battery Boosters on Samsung

Samsung Smartphone Battery Boosters


Smartphone device battery boosters are made of the same materials as a regular smartphone battery. They are packaged in what we call the “booster” so that it can be recharged when plugged into an electrical wall outlet and can do the recharging of a smartphone or tablet when they are plugged into it.

That’s why our clients decide to purchase a smartphone device battery booster. You can now find one in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The average smartphone battery is roughly 2000mA (milliampere or “milliamps”). A small battery booster can provide an additional charge with its’ own 2000mA battery. But a popular item of choice nowadays is the larger model.

The reason to get a larger model is to solve the problem of multiple device batteries dying throughout the day. Especially for the road warriors out there. I personally carry around a 10,000mA battery booster that not only fills up my Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 3000mA battery, but it has enough juice to recharge my Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch and can recharge my smartphone again at least once more. Now that is juice you can count on. And when I decide to bring my tablet around with me, I have no worries that it’ll last all day and night no matter where I am, as long as I have my battery booster.

Don’t forget that your smartphone is now your main source of communication for business, pleasure and emergencies. It’s also your camera, video camera, email platform, social media connector, music player, video player, calendar, meeting organizer, video conference device and I can go on an on about it. But what good is it if the battery is dead?

You’ve got questions? We’ve got solutions. Come into our store, give us a call at 613-800-8737, send us an email or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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