Shomi is NOW AVAILABLE on Xbox 360!

Shomi Now Available on Xbox 360

Shomi Now Available on Xbox 360


Do you have an Xbox 360 and Rogers Cable TV? Well we’ve got great news for you!

As of yesterday, December 2nd 2014, Shomi is NOW AVAILABLE on your Xbox 360!

Once you have subscribed to Shomi, simply download the application on your console, sign-in to your account and instantly have access to all of the content Shomi has to offer. No paid subscription is required until March 31 2015!

What you need to connect your Xbox 360 and Shomi:

· Xbox 360 Console
· Xbox LIVE account (no paid subscription is required)
· Xbox controller or remote control to navigate through the app
· MyRogers account
· Shomi subscription

The content (Movies and TV shows) are the exact same as on shomi.com so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Remember, watching Shomi on your Xbox 360 will count towards your usage allowance and standard overage charges will apply.

How to access Shomi on Xbox 360:

1. Sign into Xbox LIVE

2. From the Dashboard, go to Apps.

3. Download the Shomi app from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

4. Click Get new button on the Xbox screen.
· The activation screen will provide you with a 5 digit activation code which will be valid for 10 minutes. You can click the Generate New Code button if the code expires.

5. Go to shomi.com/activate. You will need to activate this on a PC, Mac, or tablet web browser.

6. Select Rogers as your service provider.

– If you are not already signed in to shomi.com you will be asked to sign in with your MyRogers credentials
– If you are accessing Shomi for the first time over the internet you will need to complete the registration process

7. Enter your 5 digit activation code.

8. Click Submit

And voila! Now you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet setup with access to all available Shomi option while the library is currently being built for access via your Nextbox.

If you have any questions about this setup, please leave a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to help.


About the author:
Moni Assi is a small business sales and marketing expert. He’s passionate about helping SMB’s utilize various technologies to enhance their productivity and revenues.

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  • dvwright says:

    I am a shaw customer and have shaw internet where do I go to enter activate number

  • Raymond Chong says:

    Thank you for providing clear instructions. Rogers customer but after downloading the Shomi app on xbox, it did not specify that we needed to activate using a PC. Tried activating using IE on the xbox and it was telling us that the browser was too old. LOL!
    Thanks again.

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