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Plain and simply, we get Small and Medium Business.

It’s the bulk of the work that we do at Connect It.

Businesses are spending more on IT year-over-year, and some attribute it to the growing cost of connectivity. Businesses that don’t properly understand the “total cost of mobility” may focus on the wrong issues and miss out on the benefits of a Connected Enterprise.

If you were to list all of the daily activities you have on your plate, it would probably be nearly infinite. So why would you bother dealing with your telecommunication solutions when you can have a dedicated local team take care of it for you?

We can help you set up your telecom ecosystem both on and off-site. Our team of technicians and consultants are some of the best in Ottawa and they have the experience necessary to guide you through the technological cloud of  mobile devices and high speed communications.

Different Expertise

Some of our clients came to us after having worked with other providers and consultants with the complaint that they weren’t able to always get a hold of their representative. We take a different approach because we have a team of dedicated specialists who are experts in different fields in the mobile industry. While one of them might be a technical wizard, the other will know all there is about the best travel packages. Whatever your unique business might be, we’ve dealt with it and are here to help you out.

Business Integration

Integrate your mobile devices with the rest of your ecosystem using the cloud
Let our team of consultants assist with the following:

  • – Integrate your new mobile devices with your email servers
  • – Integrate your new mobile devices with your cloud storage
  • – Create and implement a MDM (Mobile Device Management) strategy


Connect It provides personalized training sessions—with you and your staff—on site, right where you are in real time:

  • – Intro or advanced sessions
  • – One-on-one and (or) group sessions

Our mobile device training for smartphones and tablets includes:

  • – iOS Devices
  • – Android Devices
  • – BlackBerry Devices
  • – Windows Phone Devices


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Contact Us


We’d love to have a coffee with you to discuss how to:

  • – Achieve a better understanding of the total cost of mobility
  • – Implement solutions that can help you offset the costs of connectivity
  • – Get inspired to optimize the ROI of your mobility investments

Join us in-store, call us at 613-800-8737 or simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours

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