No More Rogers Accidental Roaming

Roaming Near Boarders with Rogers

Rogers customers who live or are traveling close to the US border, should no longer see any charges on their bill for accidental roaming.


Good news for customers who are worried about their phone jumping the US border without them! Rogers has implemented a permanent solution in December of 2014 to completely stop accidental roaming charges from occurring for all Rogers postpaid customers, regardless of their home location.

Having to call in to have additional Cross Border Accidental Roaming codes are no longer required.

Any voice, text or data usage that occurs along the entire border will be rated as domestic.

· While in Canada, usage will not trigger roaming fees (i.e. pay-per-use, or Daily Internet Roaming Rates)

· Applies to all customers, with or without a Cross Border Accidental Roaming codes

· Makes sure you do not receive roaming charges in error when in Canada.

You may still receive the Welcome SMS notifying them they are in the US, when they are still in fact in Canada. But don’t worry, you’re in Canada and receive this message, you won’t be charged any roaming fees (i.e. pay-per-use, Daily Internet Roaming Rates).


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