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Did you notice some crazy overage charges last time you travelled down to the U.S.? Or maybe you bought yourself a U.S. carrier’s SIM card and were running around searching for WiFi wherever you went. Good news, with ROAM LIKE HOME those days are long gone. Well, sort of… for some of you.

This new program started after almost 450 Canadian small business owners or employees were surveyed. The ones who travel to the U.S. with their smartphones reported that most of them are not using their wireless phone plan.

In fact, two-thirds claimed they pay a daily fee to access their hotel’s Wi-Fi or use public Wi-Fi. And to top it off, 80% of them said they know about the security risks associated with sending confidential data over public Wi-Fi. The kicker is that more than one-third of them used it regardless.

Rogers has now launched the new ROAM LIKE HOME™ program to small businesses and consumers which have a Share Everything plan. It’s by far the most affordable and easiest way to use their mobile devices when roaming in the U.S.

What this means is you’ll now be able to use your mobile device exactly as you would in Canada while you’re in the U.S. for only $5 a day. But make sure that you’re on the Share Everything plan, either for consumer or small business.

Here’s how it works:

  • Existing Share Everything for Business and consumer customers can enroll in ROAM LIKE HOME by simply texting the word “travel” to 222 before they leave or once they’ve landed in the U.S.
  • Once you’ve enrolled, you’re set for all future travel to the U.S. You don’t need to add a roaming package every time you travel.
  • New Share Everything for Business or consumer customers will be automatically enrolled and can immediately take advantage of this great roaming solution, with the option to opt out at any time.
  • Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be able to use ROAM LIKE HOME every time you travel to the U.S. as long as you remain on a Share Everything for Business Plan. The $5 per day will only be charged for the days you use your phone while roaming in the U.S.
  • And get this – If you are in the U.S. for an extended business trip, you’ll only pay for $5 per day for ROAM LIKE HOME, for a maximum of 10 days on any monthly bill.

This means up to 21 days of ROAM LIKE HOME at no extra charge in that month.

What to watch out for:

  • You can only have access to ROAM LIKE HOME if you’re on a Share Everything plan. If you have any other plan, including a corporate plan, you are not eligible for this feature.
  • Although ROAM LIKE HOME is only charged for a period of 10 days, be careful if the 10 days cross two billing cycles. Many customers are under the impression that they can only be charged $50 per month for this service but this simply isn’t the case. In other words, you’re not charged based on the monthly period but rather on your billing cycle.
  • ROAM LIKE HOME is only available for travel to the U.S. and excludes any other country.

If you have additional questions about what to watch out for you can write to us in the comments field and we’ll be more than glad to answer your query.

A Share Everything for Business Plan offers great value to small businesses, with shareable data buckets, unlimited voice and text, and a free 2014-15 Season’s Pass subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and GamePlus™, along with unlimited calls in Canada, and now ROAM LIKE HOME.

Visit www.rogers.com/roamforbiz for more details on ROAM LIKE HOME with your Share Everything for Business Plan

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