LTE In Canada Is About To Get Even Faster Thanks To Rogers

LTE in Canada from Rogers

LTE in Canada from Rogers Getting Faster!

Do you ever have the feeling that your LTE speeds aren’t quite as fast as you’d hoped they were while surfing the Internet in Canada on your mobile device?

You’re not alone thinking so and we’ve got great news for you today! Rogers is taking carrier aggregation technology (that’s fancy terminology for ¬†further by combining 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz spectrum so customers can enjoy even faster downloads and higher quality video experiences on Category 6 enabled mobiles and tablets.)

By combining these high-speed airwaves, Rogers will be bringing you the fastest mobile data speeds ever seen in Canada!

Will My Device Be Able To Achieve These New Higher Speeds?

Rogers customers in select communities across Ontario and British Columbia, including Toronto, Guelph, Vancouver and Victoria, will be the first customers in Canada to benefit from Category 6 as devices become available. You’ll have to most likely wait until next generation devices come onto the market, but no sweat because it’s only a matter of a short time.

Keep one thing in mind though, you still have to be aware of your data usage. With faster speeds you’ll be able to view more pages while browsing and these will add up quickly.¬†Rogers will still notify you via SMS when you’ve reached 75% of your data allotment, but it’s your responsibility to keep track of it.


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