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Asset Management & Tracking by Rogers

Improve the efficiency, visibility and security of your goods and other assets.

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Improve visibility of your assets during transport and reduce bottlenecks

Rogers for Business Asset Management provides reliable tools that support your business from start to finish

Protect your assets in real-time, so you can take care of the bigger picture.

Asset Management Solutions from Rogers for Business can help whether you’re shipping by road, rail, air or ocean by tracking and monitoring each shipment every step of the way.
Electronic proof of delivery improves customer satisfaction...
...while reducing loss and theft thanks to real-time alerts on tampering, temperature changes, condition, route deviation or unexpected stops.
Your business can avoid penalties and costs associated with poor quality or late arrivals.

Realise the value of end-to-end supply chain visibility

Let's talk about how Rogers for Business Asset Management products can take your business to the next level.
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