“Can I Swap My Rogers Home Service Equipment If I’m Not The Account Holder?”

Rogers D3 Gateway Modem

Rogers D3 Gateway Modem


We have always allowed anyone, including General Contacts to call in and troubleshoot equipment on the customer’s behalf. But when the equipment was determined to be defective, Rogers didn’t allow the very same person to perform the equipment swap at our retail store, resulting in poor customer experience.

That is changing!

As of the time of this article’s publishing, anyone will be allowed to perform “like for like” equipment swaps at our retail store, as long as they are able to provide photo ID and confirm the service address (Example: HD Terminal to HD Terminal; not HD Terminal to HD PVR).

We believe this policy change is important in ensuring we deliver a consistently positive customer experience!

Drop by our store at 1719 St Laurent Blvd in Ottawa, ON or give us a shout at 613-800-8737.


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